Eleanor Cowan


Eleanor Cowan

Born in 1948, the same year women first voted in Quebec, I began my life odyssey with a lovely home, good food, some affection, and soon, the company of nine siblings.

These are the details I relied upon, not the nights of sexual abuse, the constant criticism of my mother, nor the religious oppression in our strict family.

With the increasing alcoholism of my mother and the chronic absence (and early death) of my Dad, life slid downhill fast.

I became a devout Catholic, an anxious people pleaser - and a complete stranger to myself.  

Three drug-rapes into my 20's, I decided to erase the past, turn a brand new page, get married and have a wonderful family – and promptly married a pedophile who molested our children.   

I've worked very, very hard to become a conscious and awake woman - and to remain aware too. My memoir details my process and I thank you for your interest in it


Eleanor Cowan, B.A. B.Ed., teacher and writer, welcomes opportunities to public speak and answer questions about her memoir, to encourage group discussions, animate interactive workshops about recovery from sexual and mental abuse, and to encourage writers of difficult stories. 

Eleanor welcomes your e-mails on her Contact Page.