Eleanor Cowan


Eleanor Cowan

A Jungian scholar named Marion Woodman posits that our birthing process is a forever event. Another scholar says that our imaginations are our greatest assets if only we would nurture this unique gift, one that is brand new to each individual, entirely separate from our inherited DNA, race, religion or history. 

Born second healthy daughter to my parents at St. Mary's Hospital in Montreal in 1948, I loved to learn.

As a life-long learner, I managed to complete high school despite failing twice because I was under so much stress. After that I always worked full time and attended night school to earn two useful university degrees. I would say though, that my best teachers were always authors of compelling stories, bios, psychology and histories that moved me deeply and taught me so much.

I became a passionate reader early in my life and even today am never without a carefully chosen book.

As the child of a widowed alcoholic mother who couldn't protect me, I had the predictable misfortune to marry an opportunist of the first order.  He was so grateful for my unflagging generosity. For my part, I desperately needed his dependence and his approval. Busying myself with his demands served my unconscious purpose: focus on him kept me from examining my own life.

Fortunately, with wonderful support in my community, I was able to free my two children and myself. 

We began to rebuild our lives - and while there was post-traumatic fallout, there was also recovery.

I began to take full responsibility to become my own parent, my own best self. I became an awake parent to my children.

Today, I am my own mother and my own best friend. . With each new dimension, I am responsible.