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There's No Other You!

There's No Other You!

In his book, Hauntings, Jungian scholar James Hollis writes about the most valuable of life savers that each of us owns – a personal endowment NOT subject to tradition, cultural mores or family history.

Imagination is a capacity to create a picture of what has not yet occurred for us - images of our dreams! Completely unconnected to our birth history or inheritance, each is unique! There's no other you!

In counseling those haunted by the past, Hollis presents the image of thousand pound mill horses, tethered to a restraining pole, trudging round and round, pounding down the same compressed dirt path without cease – all of their horrible lives.  He likens the restraining pole to our inherited histories – not our DNA, color, or race, but to our beliefs, prejudices, and most importantly of all, to our unresolved grief.

What happens when a bully refuses to acknowledge the horror he experienced as a vulnerable kid when his dad kicked him in the pants? Guess who’s the bully/pedophile/liar/thief now? What happens when a mother denies her child's declaration of abuse? Guess who remains dissociated until the truth is told? Guess who may be confronted by her children years later - and feel like death? Alternately, in facing and healing , our trauma can be recycled into a grand victory!

I can - and do - picture my own best outcomes and take baby steps towards living it.

The support group part, the healthy vegan diet part, the forever reading part and the daily volunteering part - greatly support my happiness. I've become what I hoped for! 

Imagination is my life saver. I direct it through quiet imagination and act as if its happening!

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