Eleanor Cowan


Let me welcome you with two quotations I treasure

“Life is a daring adventure – or nothing at all,” by Helen Keller and

“Let Life be Wise! Let Life Surprise!” by Ira Progoff.

Life extends endless invitations to evolve and I've discovered that each change in my life required both courage and support - lots and lots of it. Still does. 

I've benefited tremendously from reading gripping memoirs and stories of amazingly brave people who found ways to love and honor themselves - and then shared their inspiration with others.  

I celebrate many of these in my regular blogs. 

The results of my healing work are stunning, positive, and on-going.

I can motivate, comfort and encourage myself, reach out to trusted others, and keep focused on my dreams.  I'm so grateful.

Of course, I want this to last forever, and so am responsible to understand that learning is a never-ending life-long commitment. 

I want you to know that, with all my heart, I encourage you!

* * *

Eleanor Cowan, B.A., B.Ed., is a teacher, author, public speaker and workshop leader who welcomes volunteer opportunities to:

  • visit groups to present her story and answer questions
  • encourage discussion about recovery from sexual and emotional trauma.
  • discuss entry into a mature world where tears and laughter co-exist.
  • encourage writers of difficult stories

(I'm delighted to volunteer my service but require that my travel and lodging expenses be covered.)